Quiz Rounds

We have a range of different 10-question quiz rounds, from the traditional General Knowledge and Subject Question Rounds to Who Am I and Wipeout rounds to keep your quiz format varied and exciting to the end!

Current Affairs

Our Current Affairs feature questions about the biggest headline news of each week (and we promise, it’s not all Brexit!) A new one is added every Thursday so you’ll never be out of date!

On This Day

On This Day quizzes include questions about important events that have happened on that day, from political events, to famous births, to chart-toppers!

Subject Rounds

Our traditional quiz rounds, ten questions to be read out all connected to one particular topic, choose from a range of topics from the usual suspects such as Art & Literature, History or Sport, to the more esoteric such as Beer, 2005 or Moustaches!

Who or Where Am I?

These quizzes challenge teams to identify the mystery place or person in just ten clues. Get it right with the first clue and get the full ten points; get it on the 10th clue and it’s just 1 point! We’ve got a range of places, from famous capitals to whole countries, and a vast array of people, current, historical and fictional, to choose from.


Our ‘make the connection’ rounds ask seemingly random questions but all their answers are connected. Choose between a full connections, with 9 questions, or our mini connections with 4 questions.

Wipeout Rounds

Teams have to identify up to ten correct answers out of 20 to questions such as the What are the top ten most populated cities in the world? and Which of these are characters from Jane Austen novels? If they get all ten, the team can win bonus points but if they choose any wrong answers, they will get zero. A wipeout is the perfect round to end a quiz which keeps it exciting right up until the finish line.

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