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Sometimes standard pub quizzes are just a bit too hard for a pub quiz crowd.

Let’s face it, not everyone is a pub quiz genius.

Or you might just want a quiz where no-one gets less than half marks – if so try our Easier Quizzes

You can download easier quizzes here – cost £3.50 – each easy quiz is available instantly

Download a free sample here

See below for some example questions from the free 50-question Easy Quiz:

1. Queen Elizabeth I was known as ‘Good Queen’ what? ‘Bess’

2. Name the dish – Chickpea, garlic and sesame puree. Hummus

3. In which sport did Louis Smith win a silver medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games?  Gymnastics (Pommel Horse)

Tiebreaker (First correct answer handed in or closest wins): In which year did Vitus Bering discover the Bering Strait? 1728


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