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Our General Knowledge quiz packs are designed for pubs who just want a fun pub quiz night – they are 5 sets of 10 questions mixed subjects and are pitched at a standard level with an average pub quiz team getting around 6/10 correct

You can download a free sample of our 5 round mixed bag quizzes by clicking here


1. Which company makes Milk Tray and Roses? Cadbury’s

2. In which English county can you see a signpost that reads Ham ½ mile Sandwich 3 miles? Kent

3. In craps, how many dice are thrown? 2

4. Who was the fifth wife of Henry VIII and the second to be beheaded? Catherine Howard

5. Who took an overdose of pills and bowed out of EastEnders? Peggy Mitchell

To purchase sets of general knowledge pub quizzes instantly – cost £3.50 per quiz – click here for a shorter quiz, try one of our Mini Pub Quizzes priced at £1.50

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