Free 5 Round Quiz Subject Pack

Instant Download pub quiz packs from Instant Quizzes – 5 rounds of quiz questions each split by subject – or download trivia quiz questions in sets of 10 here


Free Subject Pack 1

Download a 5 Round Subject Quiz Pack FOR FREE!!!

If you’re looking for a quiz pack but want the flexibility to add your own picture quiz, current affairs quiz, wipeout quiz or Who Am I quiz round, then our 5 round subject quiz packs are ideal for your pub quiz night

Each subject quiz pack costs £3.50 and if you click the links on the web page the contents of each quiz are listed. A free subject quiz pack is above for you to download.

You can download subject quiz packs here – cost £3.50 – each easy quiz is available instantly

For a free sample of our subject quiz packs download the subject quiz above – just right click on the link and save to your hard drive.

Questions in the subject quiz are as follows;

Round 1 – Pubs and Bars

Example Question: Where Everybody Knows Your Name was the theme song to which U.S. sit-com set in a bar in Boston?

Answer: Cheers

Round 2 – Quickfire Round – Blockbusters

Example Question: What ‘B’ can be a woody plant smaller in size than a tree or a general term for wild uncultivated country?

Answer: Bush

Round 3 – Trivia Round – Simon
In this round, all of the answers feature a famous Simon

Example Question: 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover was a 1975 hit song for which artist?

Answer: Paul Simon

Round 4 – Connections – Surnames of Chefs

Example Question:  After the execution of King Charles I, who served as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland?

Answer: Oliver Cromwell (Jamie Oliver)

Final Round – Wipeout Round
10 questions – answer as many as you like – you’ll receive 1 point for each correct answer but remember – if you get any wrong in this round, you are wiped out and get 0 points. Teams who get full marks on this round receive 5 bonus points giving them 15/10.

Example Question: In which year of the 1980s was Ian Botham named B.B.C. Sports Personality of the Year, beating Steve David and Sebastian Coe into 2nd and 3rd place?

Answer: 1981




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