Free 5-Round Subject Quiz Pack

Download your Free 5-Round Subject Quiz Pack

We’re so sure you’ll love our quizzes, we give you your first one for free!

If you’re looking for a quiz pack but want the flexibility to add your own Picture Quiz, Current Affairs Quiz, Wipeout Quiz or Who Am I Quiz, then our 5-Round Subject Quiz Packs are ideal for your pub quiz night.

This Free Subject Quiz Pack contains:

  • Round 1 – Detectives
  • Round 2 – Quick Ten Novels – Identify the novels with the following opening or closing lines
  • Round 3 – Bob – In this round every answer relates to a famous ‘Bob’
  • Round 4 – Connections – All nine answers give you connection to answer ten
  • Round 5 – Mixed Bag/Wipeout
  • Scoresheet
  • Quiz Poster
  • Team Answer Sheet


Get your Free Subject Quiz Pack now

Each subject quiz pack usually costs just £3.50 and if you click the links on the web page the contents of each quiz are listed. A free subject quiz pack is above for you to download.

You can download subject quiz packs here – cost £3.50 – each easy quiz is available instantly

And if you liked that quiz then you can pub quiz packs from Instant Quizzes – 5 rounds of quiz questions each split by subject – or download trivia quiz questions in sets of 10 here

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