Halloween Handout Quizzes

Want an unconventional quiz this Hallowe’en? Handouts offer you diversity and ease – just pass them out and let quizzers complete them at their leisure! See our full range below:

Hallowe’en Handout Quizzes
A mix of questions, pictures and teasers:

  • Round 1- 5 Hallowe’en-themed Questions
  • Round 2 – Identify 5 Hallowe’en Images
  • Round 3 – Identify 5 Spooky Picture
  • Round 4 – 2 Family Fortunes style Hallowe’en questions
  • Round 5 – 5 Hallowe’en-themed Questions

Hallowe’en Quiz List
6 questions, 20 answers! Each question asks you to list a specific number of questions, for example: the four sisters on the TV series Charmed whose names all began with ‘P’.

Hallowe’en Puzzle Quiz
A selection of questions and teasers, all related to Hallowe’en!

Horror Movie Anagrams
Unscramble the letters to discover these silver screen howlers!

Halloween Wordsearch
20 Hallowe’en words to find!