NEW! Quiz Night pack now available


NEW! Quiz Night pack now available:

Everything you need to run the ultimate pub quiz, it features 6 rounds which are:-

In The News – Current Affairs
Specialist Round – 10 questions on one subject
Quick Ten – 10 quickfire trivia questions
Trivia Round – With an easy to spot connection between all answers
Connections round – 4 answers you name the connection
Wipeout Round – General Knowledge with prizes for full marks but don’t dare to get one wrong

Available to download instantly:

It’s quiz of the week time!


It’s quiz of the week time!

We’ve uploaded 2 BRAND NEW quizzes for your pub quiz this week.

6 rounds of questions as well as scoresheet, answer sheet and poster.

Starting with our weekly Current Affairs around testing teams on the headline makers of the week, ending with our infamous Wipeout Round – 10 questions – if teams get them all right they get 5 bonus points, but any wrong and they are ‘Wiped Out’ and receive nothing – time to gamble or play it safe?

Quiz of the Week pack 1:

Quiz of the Week pack 2:

Take a look at all of our Quiz of the Week pack’s here:

Need a light-hearted fun quiz?


Bored of quiz questions or do your teams need something a little lighter than a standard quiz?

We’ve uploaded some *NEW* Quiz Fortunes for you to spice up your pub quiz!

This quiz is based on our surveys of visitors to our website and is similar to the TV show Family Fortunes or Family Feud

The quiz master reads out a simple question….. e.g. “Name a world champion”

Teams complete their 4 guesses as to the top 4 answers in our corresponding survey.

There are 12 different questions

Once answer sheets have been collected or exchanged with another team, the quizmaster reads out the answers. For every answer a team has that corresponds to one of the top 4 answers in our survey, they receive 1 point plus a bonus point if the answer they nominate as top answer corresponds to our top answer.

The winning team is the one with most total points.

In the event of a tie, we provide a tie-break question.

Available to download instantly:

NEW! Weekly Quiz Night pack available


NEW! Weekly Quiz Night pack available now:

Everything you need to run the ultimate pub quiz. Each pack contains 6 rounds of questions designed to test your teams. This week features rounds on Gin, Actors and Actresses, and our usual In the News starter round.

From a Union election to University Challenge, who has been making this weeks headlines?

Designed to last around 90 minutes and available to download instantly.

Happy Quizzing!

It’s ‘Quiz of the Week’ time!


It’s ‘Quiz of the Week’ time!

We’ve uploaded 2 brand NEW quiz packs for you to use at this week’s pub quiz.

Our first Quiz of the Week contains rounds on Horses, Music and TV Hosts, as well as our Current Affairs round designed to test your teams on the week’s headline makers.

Or why not take a look at our other Quiz of the Week pack, featuring rounds on Food and Drink, Crime Series and our infamous Wipeout Round:

All of our Quiz of the Week packs contain 6 rounds of 10 questions and include scoresheet, answer sheet and poster. All available to download instantly.

Take a look at all of our Quiz Packs here:

Take a look at some more of our *NEW* su


Take a look at some more of our *NEW* subject rounds:

1. Sport

In 2000 which country joined the 5-nations rugby competition, making it the 6-nations?

2. The Arts

By what name is Leonardo Da Vinci’s mysterious portrait of the wife of Francesco del Giocondo better known?

3. Pop Music

Which of The Osmonds had a U.K. number one hit with the song Long Haired Lover From Liverpool?

4. Crime

In which fictional English county does D.C.I. John Barnaby, played by Neil Dudgeon, investigate murders?

5. Little and Big People

Name these little nursery rhyme people from their description: The shepherd who fell asleep under a haystack

We’ve got some NEW subject round quizze


We’ve got some NEW subject round quizzes for you to download

1. Academy Awards

Twelve actors and actresses have received eight or more Academy Award nominations in the four acting categories – name as many of them as you can from a maximum of ten guesses – you’ll receive one mark for each actor or actress on the list.

2. Alphabetical Order

10 quiz questions where all of the answers are in alphabetical order.

For example: Which Hindu god of beginnings has an elephant’s head?

3. Flags

Questions all about Flags: Which flag design is the most used across the world?