Our New Limited Quizzes!

It’s that time of the week again – time for a newest quiz packs, on sale for a limited time only! Choose from our most challenging Quiz Night or or easier Quiz of the Week packs to pick your next perfect pub quiz!

Quiz Night

Our most popular weekly quiz pack quiz night is a quiz that will last around 90 minutes. If this quiz is too difficult for your quiz teams, try a subject quiz packs – Or click here for a mixed general knowledge quiz

  This week’s quiz contains the following rounds:

  • In The News – 10 questions about this week’s headline makers, from actor’s weight gains to the Lib Democrats.  (This round is also available to buy separately as Current Affairs CA1081)
  • Around The U.S. – 10 Questions all about the United States of America.
  • Lead Singers – There are ten pop groups here but what were their original lead singers?
  • Cad – In this round every answer contains the word ‘cad’, from avocado to caddy.
  • Connections –  For the 5th answer, what is the connection between all, or part of each answer?
  • General Knowledge – Our ever popular ‘Wipeout Round’: if teams get all 10 right they get 5 bonus points, but any wrong and they are ‘wiped out’ and receive nothing. Time to gamble or just play it safe!

Quiz of the Week 1

Download this quiz instantly for just £4 and also get a Team Scoresheet, Team Answer Sheet and Poster. This week’s pub quiz contains the following rounds:

  • In The News – 10 questions about things in the news this week – Current Affairs round CA1080
  • Gin
  • Actors and Actresses
  • -gin-: every answer contains ‘gin’ somewhere, from Ginger Baker to Singin’ in the the Rain 
  • Sporting Trophies
  • General Knowledge Wipeout

Quiz of the Week 2

  • In The News – 10 questions about things in the news this week – this the same in both QotW packs!
  • Cakes
  • Bunch Of Fives – Name the following groups of five
  • Alphabetical Order – In this round, the answers are in alphabetical order and all start with ‘Ly”
  • Cloth and Fabric
  • General Knowledge Wipeout 

See all our limited quizzes here!

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