Free Weekly Quiz Night

Looking for a quiz to host every week, but not sure where to the best quizzes are?

Then try our FREE sample now! Below you can find example of our popular Quiz Night pack, made fresh every week with an ‘In the News’ round to keep things current!

If the Quiz Night looks a little tricky, then you can also try one of our Quiz of the Weeks, which are a little simpler.


Free Weekly Quiz Night, 12th July
Free Quiz of the Week, 26th August

Download your free quiz now!

The Quiz Night

Every week a new Quiz Night is uploaded and features 6 rounds, which are:-

  • In The News – Current Affairs
  • Specialist Round – 10 questions on one subject
  • Quick Ten – 10 quickfire trivia questions
  • Trivia Round – With theme between all answers
  • Connections Round – 4 answers you name the connection
  • Wipeout Round – General Knowledge with prizes for full marks but don’t dare to get one wrong!

The Weekly Quiz Packs are perfect for pubs who want to hold a weekly quiz bursting with content and sure to entertain. Download our most recent weekly quizzes here  or subscribe to get them directly to your inbox for just £2.40 each!

For a free sample of our Weekly Quiz Pack download the Weekly Quiz Pack above – just right click on the link and save to your hard drive.

An example of the questions in the Quiz Night Free Sample are as follows;

Round 1 – Current Affairs

  1. A former England rugby star and BBC Sports Personality of the Year announced they were expecting a baby in early 2014 – who are they? Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips
  2. The BBC received over 600 complaints over whose comments about Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli’s personal appearance – “she was never going to be a looker”? John Inverdale’s
  3. The Radio Go Go Gorilla, part of a Norwich arts festival, has been removed following a copyright infringement complaint from which singer’s estate about the jumpsuit it was wearing? Freddie Mercury’s
  4. A 12 feet high sculpture of which literary character as portrayed by Colin Firth has been installed in London’s Serpentine lake? Mr. Darcy
  5. The 2013 Alan Partridge film Alpha Papa is to gets its premiere in which city?  Norwich
  6. Which Radio Five Live presenter is to replace Andy Gray and Richard Keys on TalkSport? Colin Murray
  7. A heavy rainstorm in which Canadian city recently left some 300,000 without power, flooding major roads and subway stations? Toronto
  8. Which judge has quit the BBC TV show The Voice to focus on promoting their new album and a forthcoming world tour? Jessie J
  9. Doug Engelbart died recently at the age of 88 – his invention of a wooden shell covering two wooden wheels eventually became which everyday item? Computer Mouse
  10. After Wimbledon 2013 victory, which duo became the first men’s doubles team in the Open era to hold all four Grand Slam titles at the same time? Bob and Mike Bryan

Round 2 – Mickey

  1. Micky Dolenz was best known as the drummer and lead vocalist with which 1960s pop group? The Monkees
  2. In which film did the title character say to Mickey Goldmill, “You gotta open my eye…cut me Mick, cut me”? Rocky
  3. Which choreographer and dancer had a worldwide hit in 1981 with MickeyToni Basil
  4. Baseball legend Mickey Mantle played for 18 seasons with which team from 1951 to 1968? New York Yankees
  5. Writer Mickey Spillane’s best-known creation is which detective character? Mike Hammer
  6. What was the festive surname of actor Mickey Rooney? Yule
  7. Which English actor starred as an auctioneer forced to impersonate a gangster in the 1999 comedy film Mickey Blue EyesHugh Grant
  8. What was Walt Disney’s original name for Mickey Mouse before his wife convinced him to change it? Mortimer
  9. Noel Clarke played Mickey Smith, the boyfriend of Rose Tyler, in which BBC TV series? Doctor Who
  10. Which comedian toured in 2011 with The Out Out Tour and in 2013 with Back In The GameMicky Flanagan

Round 3 – Quickfire Round – Ships

Round 4 – Trivia Round – Per

Round 5 – Connections

Final Round – Wipeout Round : 10 questions – answer as many as you like – you’ll receive 1 point for each correct answer but remember – if you get any wrong in this round, you’re wiped out and get 0 points. Teams who get full marks on this round receive 5 bonus points giving them 15/10

Tie-break question if required: (Closest or first correct answer handed in wins):

The Quiz of the Week

For a free sample of our Quiz of the Week download the Quiz of the Week above – just right click on the link and save to your hard drive.
Rounds for Quiz of the week;

Round 1 – A Week in the News

Round 2 – Earth

Round 3 – Quickfire Round – Classic Advertising Slogans

Round 4 – Trivia Round – Des (In this round, every answer contains the letters ‘des’)

Round 5 – Connections  – Actors who played a ‘Potter’ on Screen

Final Round – Wipeout Round

Tie-break question if required: (Closest or first correct answer handed in wins):


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