This week’s Quiz Night now on sale


We’ve just uploaded our brand NEW weekly ‘Quiz Night’ pack, just in time for your pub quiz:

Download Pub Quiz Night here

It features 6 rounds weekly which are:-

In The News – Current Affairs
Specialist Round – 10 questions about Pies
Quick Ten – 10 quickfire trivia questions about Saints that are Not Saints
Trivia Round – Where all the answers are in alphabetical order
Connections round – 4 answers you name the connection
Wipeout Round – General Knowledge with prizes for full marks but don’t dare to get one wrong
Tiebreak question
Available to instantly download now:

Download pub quiz night here

Chocolate Picture Quizzes – BRAND NEW!!!

BY POPULAR REQUEST – All NEW Chocolate Bar Picture Quiz Rounds
Just added – some great new picture quizzes.
First off – name the chocolates from their wrappers –
Then it’s a bit more tricky – we have pictures of chocolate bars that are cut in two so you can see the insides…
And finally a picture quiz featuring complete chocolate bars –
These are sure to be the best-selling picture quiz rounds of the year as they’re suitable for all ages – get in quick and run yours first!
All picture quiz rounds cost £3 and are instant download – if you click the link below, you can see all of our 10 picture mini picture quiz rounds – these cost £2 each

Our BRAND NEW Quiz of the Week


It’s time to download our BRAND NEW Quiz of the Week quizzes and we have 2 for you to choose from.

Our first features rounds on Nutrition, Australia and Dance Troupes:

Or why not download our second pack, including rounds on Awards, Colours and a Trivia Round where every answer contains the word ‘Lock’

Both packs start with our Current Affairs round to test your teams on their knowledge of the weeks headline makers. They also end with our mixed bag General Knowledge round.
That’s 6 rounds of 10 questions in each pack – everything you need to run your pub quiz.

NEW weekly Pub Quiz Night pack


We’ve just uploaded our NEW weekly ‘Quiz Night’ pack:

Starting with our Current Affairs round, from Jeremy Corbyn to the Snooker World Championship – what has been making this weeks headlines?

This pack also features rounds on Uniforms an Alphabetical Order quickfire round, plus our infamous Wipeout Round – 10 questions, get any wrong and you leave the round with 0 points. Time to gamble or play it safe?

Available to download instantly:

Need a picture quiz for a Science class,


Need a picture quiz for a Science class, themed night or works do? Then we have some *BRAND NEW* ‘Human Anatomy’ quizzes for you!

20 parts of the human body to identify in these picture quizzes:

Or if you want a smaller quiz then why not take a look at our mini picture rounds. 10 pictures instead of 20. Perfect for a handout for around the office.

We’ve uploaded 4, ‘Human Anatomy’ themed mini picture rounds:

We’ve uploaded some more Subject Round


We’ve uploaded some more Subject Round quizzes for you to download instantly! 10 questions in a whole range of subjects – perfect if you want to build your own quiz

1. Schools

Where you have to name which school the following groups of people attended?

2. American TV Dramas

Who played U.S President Josiah Bartlet in The West Wing?

3. Fruit

What might be ogen, honeydew, winter or water?

Plus our General Knowledge subject rounds:

NEW Subject Round quizzes


Take a look at our NEW Subject Round quizzes:

10 questions on a specific subject. Ideal if you want to make your own themed quiz.

1. Hair

What colour hair occurs when melanin production decreases or stops?

2. Company Mascots

Which breakfast cereal’s mascot has been at different times in the U.K. – Mr.Jinks, Sooty and Coco The Monkey?

3. ‘S’

In 2006, who took over from Mark Lamarr as host of Never Mind The Buzzcocks?

4. Dummies

Name the ventriloquist that lent their voice and/or arm to the following dolls?

5. Doctors

Who was the first actor to play the lead role in TV’s Doctor Who?

All available to download now: