Quiz Packs!

We’re still uploading our regular, weekly quiz packs: Quiz Night, Quiz of the Week 1 and Quiz of the Week 2 – so why not check them out!

Each quiz costs just £4.00 but if you’re a consummate bargain-hunter than you could bag them for just £2.40 by joining our weekly subscription! Just choose how long you’d like to sign up for then sit back and relax know we’ll deposit your quiz in your inbox every week without any further work from you!

Interested? Click here to find out more about our subscription deals!

We also offer the Current Affairs rounds in these quiz packs separately so if you’ve already got a quiz ready to go (or maybe you’re recycling a few old ones…) you can add a little weekly news, A current affairs round is the ultimate levelling round, no specialist knowledge required and full of nothing but the most recent headlines. It’s the perfect way to get a quiz started or even to bring to a close!

See our Current Affairs rounds here!

Speaking of coming to a close? Have you ever tried a wipeout round? If you want to keep your quizzers on their toes until the end, a correct-or-nothing wipeout round is the perfect way to keep things interesting! The players have the chance to get ten correct answers or they can play it safe and leave some blank. However if they choose to answer a question but get it wrong they lose all points for the round!

See our Wipeout Rounds here!

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