How to Run a Pub Quiz with Social Distancing

When pubs reopen, pub quizzes will be a little different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do them!

Every pub will have done the staff training, pulled the tables further apart, added the hand sanitiser stations but what else will you need for a socially-distanced pub quiz?

You may find some teams will not want to use paper in the traditional manner, so here’s a guide on how to run a pub quiz without needing to give out and receive paper answer sheets.
The easiest way to make your quiz safe is take advantage of social media. Whatsapp is the best tool for this as it is the most common app for people to have but Facebook Messenger might make a good alternative. 

The best way to run the quiz is using a laptop or a tablet.

Ensure you have WhatsApp installed – You can download WhatsApp for PC/Mac here or you can also use the link for your phone/tablet device. 

Alternatively, you can use Facebook Messenger on the Facebook website. 
Set Up Teams on WhatsApp for the night’s quizYou’ll need contact details for everyone who is in the night’s quiz, which you’ll be collecting for Track and Trace anyway.

You can give out your Whatsapp phone number as part of your pre-quiz announcements and ask team captains to message you via WhatsApp with their name and team name.

As you receive captains’ details – click the number and add to your contacts as they come in. We suggest storing with the captain’s name in First Name and the team name in the Surname box. 

During the quiz you can keep score on your own printed scoresheet if you wish as only you will have been in contact with it.
Run Your Quiz
Now you can run your quiz. The team captain needs to type answers as a WhatsApp message. The simplest way would to have answers 1 to 10 all in one message, as taking the answers one by one is a bit disjointed.

Read out the questions, recap the questions and then ask team captains to submit answers

To discourage cheating – we suggest the rule in your quiz is only one mobile on the table per team – and that should be the team captain’s.
Picture Quizzes
From May, all of our picture rounds will be as two separate downloads – one page for the questions, one for the answers. Additionally, all of our Quiz Packs that include picture rounds will include a separate one-page picture round file.

Save this to your hard drive and send when required to all team captains.

For picture quizzes, you may want to relax the one mobile phone per table rule. Therefore, teams can share the file between themselves so everyone has a view of the pictures.

Again team captains will need to type answers as a WhatsApp message and send to you when the interval round is complete.
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