Friends Pub Quizzes

How YOU doin’?

Are you looking for your next big quiz? Then, we are here for you with our amazing Friends Quizzes!

Whether you’re looking for a 10-round bumper quiz or just a mini picture quiz, we’ve got a great range of Friends-themed quiz packs and quiz rounds, perfect for use as an ultimate Friends Pub Quiz or as part of a more general TV/Entertainment quiz.

Our Friends Quizzes

Friends Bumper Quiz Pack

Our Friends Bumper Quiz contains 10 rounds of 10 questions and a 20-picture interval round:

  • Mixed Bag – a general knowledge Friends round
  • Relationships – from Rachel and Ross to Phoebe and Mike, this round features all the major relationships of the 10 seasons
  • Animals – ‘Smelly cat, oh smelly cat, what are they feeding you…?’ and other animals that feature!
  • Main Characters – Questions all on Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross
  • Guest Stars – Over the many seasons, plenty of famous faces made an appearance on the set of Friends, these 10 questions are all based on the biggest ones
  • Places – From Central Perk to the two unbelievable large New York appartments
  • Lines – 10 memorable lines from the show, but which friend said them?
  • Recurring Characters – Janice, Dr. Burke, Emily, Mr and Mrs Geller, these questions are all relating on the great recurring Friends characters
  • Memorable Moments – Questions based on some of Friends best scenes
  • Friends General Knowledge Wipeout Round – The wipeout round is a great leveller. Get all 10 questions right, get 5 bonus points. Get one wrong, lose all your points!
  • Friends┬áCharacters Picture Round20 Friends characters to identify. This picture round is also on sale separately as PR2050.
Friends Quiz Packs

Our quiz packs include 5 rounds and a 10-picture interval round. If you’re looking for a shorter pub quiz, lasting around 60 to 90 minutes, our regular quiz packs will be the perfect fit!

We have 2 Friends Quiz Packs so you can choose the rounds you want. They use the same rounds as our Friends Bumper Quiz Pack, so please don’t buy both together!

Friends Quiz Rounds

Or mix and match your own Friends Pub Quiz from our quiz rounds and picture quizzes!

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