Friday, I’m in Love with Weekly Quizzes

It’s that quiz time of the week once again! All our newest pub quizzes for the week to come have been released today! From picture quizzes to our most popular pub quiz, Quiz Night!

Quiz Night

For the week starting 18th October 2019. This pub quiz includes the following six rounds:

  • Current Affairs – featuring the week’s big headlines, from astronomical asteroids to marathon records!
  • Castles – From Windsor Castle to Castle Rock Brewery, all ten questions feature castles!
  • True or False – a quickfire round! Quizzers must choose if each statement is true or false but they’ve only got a few seconds to decide!
  • Absolutely Mad – In this quiz round, every answer begins with ‘mad’ – from Madonna to Madchester!
  • Connections – 4 mixed bag quiz questions with a link worth 6 points between all the answers!
  • General Knowledge Wipeout – 10 mixed bag quiz questions, get them all right for an extra five points but get any wrong and you’ll get 0!
Quizzes of the Week

Every week we also add two easier pub quizzes:

Quiz of the Week 1
  • Current Affairs
  • Films
  • Sport
  • Awards
  • Prizes and Reward
  • Pop Music
  • General Knowledge Wipeout
Quiz of the Week 2
  • Current Affairs
  • Bow
  • TV
  • Work
  • Tools
  • General Knowledge Wipeout.

To see more of our weekly quizzes, check out our ‘New Quizzes‘ section at Instant Quizzes

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