Weekly Pub Quiz Time!

We’ve got brand new pub quizzes for sale from our Bumper Quiz Pack to our Mini Quiz! Whether you’re looking for an easy family quiz or a challenging quiz pack, we upload dozens of new quizzes every week! Check out a selection of our new quizzes below:

Quiz Night

6 rounds of 10 questions designed to last between 90 minutes to 2 hours. This week includes rounds on Current Affairs, Sandwiches, Quickfire – Cat Owners, Cat, Connections and a General Knowledge Wipeout.

Bumper Quiz Pack

10 rounds of 10 questions plus a bonus picture round, designed to be a full night’s entertainment. This week features Mixed Bag, Films, History, Music, Sport, Blockbusters, Fowl Play, Superheroes, Walls, Mixed Bag and a Pic N Mix 20-picture round.

Easier Quiz Pack

5 rounds of 10 easier questions and 10-picture Pic ‘n’ Mix round, desinged for the average team to get 7-8/10 questions right on each rounds. All the rounds are general knowledge questions.

Current Affairs Rounds

You can also get our ‘In the News’ rounds from our Quiz Night and Quiz of the Week packs separately. There’s two rounds featuring the week’s big headlines to choose from!

Or just see all our newest Quiz Packs and Quiz Rounds by clicking on these links!

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