The Last Quizzes of August

We’ve just uploaded the last weekly quizzes of August! So don’t forget to grab your next Quiz Night, Quiz of the Week, Current Affairs and Picture Quiz for the this week!

Quiz Night

6 rounds of ten questions each for just £4.00! This week featuring rounds on:

  • In the News
  • The Czech Republic
  • ‘WTF’ – Quickfire Round
  • ‘By Eck’
  • Mystery Connection Round
  • Mixed Bag – Wipeout Round

Quiz of the Week 1

Slightly easier than the Quiz Night, but still guaranteed to keep heads scratching. This week includes:

  • Current Affairs
  • Films
  • Food and Drink
  • Famous Animals
  • Famous Jims
  • General Knowledge – Wipeout Round

Quiz of the Week 2

Our second easier weekly quiz, in case you’re eager for more or just looking for something a little different than what’s on offer in Quiz Night or Quiz of the Week 1:

  • Current Affairs
  • Hitchcock Films
  • Blockbusters
  • Cities
  • Red
  • General Knowledge Wipeout

You can also buy our Current Affairs rounds separately for jsut £1!

Picture Quiz

This week’s latest picture quizzes feature Mystery Album Covers – guess the artist and the name of the album!

Remember all our quizzes are available for instant download so get yours today!

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