Stranger Things Quizzes

Bring the strange world of the Duffer brothers into your next quiz night with our seminal Stranger Things Quiz Pack – everything you need in one PDF: 50 questions, 1 picture round and all your team and scoresheets. All you need to do is print it!

This quiz pack includes the following rounds:

  • Round 1: Stranger Things Mixed Bag
  • Round 2: Stranger Things Characters
  • Round 3: Stranger Things Music
  • Round 4: Stranger Things Episodes
  • Round 5: Stranger Things Wipeout
  • Interval Round: Strange Things Character Picture Quiz (20 Pictures)

Or grab one of our Stranger Things Picture Quizzes or, if you’re building a TV or Pop Culture quiz then try one of our single Stranger Things Quiz Rounds – just click the links to see them all.

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