Why Pay More? Get Your Quizzes on Subscription!

As many of you probably know, at Instant Quizzes we upload a Quiz Night, two Quizzes of the Week and two Current Affairs rounds every week. But did you know we also upload a bumper quiz, a quiz pack, a big quiz pack, a easier quiz, a bingo quiz, a mini quiz, a pub quiz, a mixed bag quiz pack andan easier quiz pack EVERY SINGLE WEEK?

We do a lot so that our customers can have exactly the kind of quiz they want. We even want to save you money. Why? Because we like a loyal customer (what business doesn’t?)

Choose one of our many quizzes and prepay for a bulk set, 5, 13, 26, 52 – the more you buy, the more you save per quiz! We’ll deliver them to your email inbox every Thursday and send you reminders if you start to run low. And if you’re really worried about forgetting to pay – don’t stress, we also do a pay monthly option through paypal to maximise your savings and your peace of mind.

See all our Pre-Paid / Pay Monthly options here: http://bit.do/pre-paid-discounts

And if you’re interested in seeing what our Quiz Night and Quizzes of the Week have to offer this week, click here:
http://bit.do/weekly-quizzes | http://bit.do/fun-quiz-packs

Interested in all those other weekly quizzes we do? See them all here:

Love our Current Affairs rounds? They’re all here:

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