It’s Time to Be Putting on the Christmas Quiz!

And we’ve got the packs to get you sorted!  Maybe you’ve not had enough time to write your own Christmas quiz this year. Maybe you’re bored of Xmas quizzes with the same questions every year. Maybe you’ve just exhausted your stockpile Christmas quiz questions. Maybe your Christmas quiz was a little hastily arranged. Whatever your stance, we’ve got you covered with our great range of Christmas quiz packs – including brand new ones for Xmas 2018!

Christmas Quiz Packs
 Each Christmas Quiz Pack comes with a 10-Picture Interval Round and 5 Christmas-Themed Rounds. It will also include a score-sheet and team answer sheets! Download your copy instantly for just £5.50!

The Big Christmas Quiz Pack
The Big Quiz contains 5 Festive Rounds and 20-Picture Interval Round! £6.50 for as many copies as you need!

The Easier Christmas Quiz
Want something more relaxed for Christmas? Go for our easier quiz! 5 rounds of 10 questions designed for the average team to acheive 6-7/10. Great for a feel-good Christmas night! Only £5.50!

The Bumper Christmas Quiz
With 10 subjects and 20 Pictures to identify, the Bumper Christmas Quiz Pack is a great evening’s entertainment! Download it all for £8.50

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