Quizzes! Get Your Quizzes!

It’s getting colder, people are getting less willing to leave the warmth of home for the warmth of the pub…

… Offer them more than beer and central heating – put on a pub quiz! 

30/11/2018 Quiz Night
Like all our weekly quizzes, QN includes 6 rounds of 10 questions and is designed to last between 60-90 minutes. It’s a tricky one though! If you’re looking for something a little simpler, try the QotW2 instead or even one of our Easier Quiz Packs

30/11/2018 Quiz of the Week 1
Don’t run the same quiz as the pub down the road! If they’ve got Quiz Night already, get the QotW1 instead!

30/11/2018 Quiz of the Week 2
A little easier than our other weekly quizzes, QotW2 is favourite of newbie quizzers

30/11/2018 Current Affairs Rounds
All the ‘In The News’ rounds of our quizzes can be purchased separately for just a quid!

Want a totally unique quiz? Then try our sister site: Quiz Writers

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