It’s Quiz Time

Have a great pub quiz this week: choose one of our best weekly quiz packs!

Quiz Night, Quiz of the Week 1 and Quiz of the Week 2 – the three top pub quizzes uploaded every week of the year! Great for one-off events or regular pub quizzes, with amazing subscription deals!

Quiz Night: the Harder Option!

The perfect quiz format to keep things interesting, week on week, with a Current Affairs round, a Subject round, a Quick-Fire round and Alphabetical Order round, a Connections round and a Wipeout finale!

Quiz of the Week 1: the Simpler Option!

Slight easier than the Quiz Night, our Quizzes of of the Week still include a Current Affairs round and a General Knowledge Wipeout round, but the format is more straight-forward

Quiz of the Week 2: The Other Option

Don’t like the topics in Quiz of the Week 1, then try Quiz of the Week 2. With the only similarity being their Current Affairs round, it gives you another choice for your weekly (or one-off) pub quiz.


Did you know we sell our Current Affairs separately? Grab one now with a few of a 10-Question Subject Rounds and you’ve got a homemade quiz pack!

Quiz Writers

Want more control? Then pick the topics, pick the questions per topic, pick the difficulty of the questions and then throw out the questions you hate, all in a matter of minutes! With Quiz Writers, you could have an exclusive pub quiz in five minutes – perfect for those weeks when you just can’t find the time! (Even if that’s every week…)

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