Bingo! The Quiz for a Full House!

Fed up with the same teams winning every time? Then you need a bingo quiz!

Teams set up their own bingo sheets by putting the answers in different boxes, trying to make lines of correct ones. The caller then gives the answers in a random order and for the first team to get five in a row, it’s bingo!

This is a great format for any audience, whether they be quizzing-die-hards or fresh-faced-novices, this gives every team a fairer chance at winning the prizes.

Each quiz contains 25 questions and blank answer sheets, with space to write the question number and the team’s response. Encourage teams to build lines with the answers they’re most confident in to improve their chance of success. It’s also important to stress that they shouldn’t put them in numerical order as the answers will be given out of sequence.

And if you want to make things more interesting, add a Full House Jackpot! This could be a prize that gets rolled over to the next week if no teams manage a full house. Rollover prizes are great ways to encourage new players but also to keep teams coming back each week!

Grab your Bingo Quiz Pack Here!


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