The Ultimate Tool for the Quiz Master

Writing quizzes is a tricky business: even with quiz books at your disposal, it’s long, laborious process. We at Instant Quizzes know well the trials and tribulations of crafting the perfect quiz, which is why we’ve taken away all of the pain and left you with only the gain!

Introducing our state-of-the-art Quiz Writer! It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s going to revolutionise your quizcraft.

The Quiz Writer gives you all the freedom of building your own quiz without any of the headaches. You pick the the number of rounds, you choose their length, you select their topics, and you control their difficulty. And as you do, you’ll watch the questions generate instantly before your eyes. Within seconds, you’ll have a perfect quiz night ready to download.

But what’s this? A question you don’t like? No problem – just swap it out for a new one!

And is this your second time around? Or your third? Or your tenth? Well, you needn’t fear duplication – the Quiz Writer knows what you’ve had before and will never give you the same question twice!

And how much will all this cost you, you wonder? Just 10 pence per question.

So don’t hang about here! See our Quiz Writer now!

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