Spring into our Easter Quizzes!

Spring is coming, which means bunnies, daffodils and, of course, chocolate eggs in abundance!

This year Easter is April 1st and we’re ready with all your themed quiz needs. Quiz Packs, Picture Quizzes, Handout Quizzes and subject rounds to mix and match your own!

The Easter Quiz Pack – £5.50

A 5 round Easter quiz pack with a 10 picture quiz – rounds include: Blockbusters, Egg (All answers contain the word egg), Quickfire Round – The Easter Story (According to The Bible Easter Story who are the people?), Connections, General Knowledge Wipeout Round, and the picture round Easter Eggheads.

The Picture Quizzes – £2.00-£3.00

Celebrity Eggheads, Famous Rabbits, ‘Egg’-themed Pics, Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Wrappers – choose from a selection of picture quizzes in sets of 20 and 10 to liven up any quiz night!

The Handout Quizzes – £3.00

We’ve got Easter Puzzles, the Easter List Quiz and a full quiz night in a handout edition! Each for just £3.00.

Easter Quiz Questions – £1.00

Like your quiz to be a little more personal? Then why not mix and match your subject rounds? Only £1 for each set of 10 questions!


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