Wimbledon Quizzes

Have you seen our huge range of Wimbledon themed quizzes:


We have everything you need for that tennis themed quiz night. From anagram handouts to Wimbledon Champions picture quizzes.

Wimbledon Champions Anagrams Handout Quiz

In this quiz we ask you to name the Wimbledon Champions from the anagrams listed

Maximum marks available are 25 – an ideal quiz to hand out for teams to complete and hand in.



Wimbledon Letter List Quiz

The Wimbledon Letter List handout quiz has been designed for you to download instantly, print out and give to teams to complete.

Page one is for teams – page two is the answers

This quiz is Letter List – a more traditional style List quiz – we give you the initial letter of the answer – it has 20 answers in total



Wimbledon Champions Picture Quiz – PR1469

Name these Wimbledon winners – 20 to identify – from Rod Laver to Petra Kvitova – an average team will get around 13/20 correct – more if tennis fans



Wimbledon Women

Between 1982 and 2009 ten different female tennis players won the Wimbledon women’s singles championship

You will receive one mark for each player that you name that is on the list from a maximum of ten guesses 






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