Want to mix up your pub quiz?

Want to mix up your pub quiz? Then why not try our latest ‘Big Bingo Quiz Pack.’

The quiz master reads out 36 questions and teams write their answers in any box and the relevant number in the accompanying circle on their Bingo answer sheets.

Teams hand in their duplicate copy.

The quizmaster then reads out the answers in the random order issued by us. As soon as a team have a complete straight line vertically, horizontally or diagonally, they shout house.

If all 6 answers are correct – they win!!!!

In the event of a tie or if no valid claims are made, the winners will be the team with the most correct in total or resort to our tiebreaker.

http://www.instant-quizzes.co.uk/fun-quizzes/big-bingo-quiz/big-bingo-quiz-pack-9.html http://ow.ly/i/u9reV

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