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All of our quiz packs

Quiz Night – The weekly pub quiz pack for a standard quiz night

Quiz of the Week – The weekly pub quiz that’s a little but easier

Bumper Quiz Pack – A 10 round quiz pack with a 20 picture quiz round

Quiz Pack – A 5 round pub quiz pack with a 10 picture quiz round

Daily Pub Quiz – A 6 round pub quiz for every day of the year

5 Round Subject Quiz Pack – The Quiz Pack without a picture quiz round

Mini Quiz – A 25 question quiz pack for a shorter quiz night

General Knowledge Quizzes – A 50 question quiz pack with general knowledge questions

Pop Quiz Packs – A 50 question pop music quiz pack

Sport Quiz Packs – A 50 question sport quiz pack

All of our picture quizzes, handout quizes, and table quiz rounds

Picture quizzes with 20 pictures on each page

Mini picture quizzes with 10 pictures on each page

Handout quizzes, Table quiz rounds, Cryptic quizzes, Anagram quizzes etc.

Our quiz questions section with each round worth 10 marks

Current Affairs quiz questions – 10 questions about this week’s news for a current quiz

On This Day quiz – 10 quiz questions for every day of the year – what happened on this day in history?

Who Am I quiz or Where Am I quiz – An ideal first round for a quiz night – Starting with a 10 point clue and working to a 1 point clue – teams have one guess as to the Mystery Person or Mystery Place in this quiz

Connections Quiz – For fans of Only Connect – 9 quiz questions with a connection between all, or part of each answer

Wipeout Quiz – A handout quiz featuring 20 answers on a sheet – teams need to find the 10 correct answers – one mark for each correct answer but get any wrong, they are wiped out and receive 0 marks – so best to go for only what you know

Looking for a pub quiz that’s more fun than focusing on quiz questions? – This is our fun quizzes section

Easier quiz pack – Sets of 50 quiz questions that are a bit more easy to answer along with a 10 picture quiz round

Easy quizzes – A 50 question pub quiz pack – the easier quiz pack without the picture quiz

Quizzes for children – Our kids quizzes – mainly one sheet quizzes to hand out for children to complete

Battle of the Sexes quiz – Based on the TV show Mr and Mrs – sets of quizzes for couples – ask one person some questions in secret and judge how well they know their partner

Bingo Quiz Packs – Quiz bingo, quizgo or quingo – A 25 question quiz which anyone can win – read out the questions and then the answers randomly – just follow our instructions

Quiz Fortunes – also known as Fun Fortunes – A fun quiz based on the TV show Family Fortunes

Multiple Choice Pub Quiz – A 25 question quiz similar to the TV show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? – Teams have options A, B, C, D

Smell Quizzes – A unique pub quiz pack, the smell quiz – Guess the scents and smells in the bottles

Seasonal quizzes – In this section, you’ll find quizzes for every important date of the year

Christmas quizzes – Sets of quiz questions, picture quiz rounds and quiz packs for Christmas

Halloween quizzes – Halloween quiz questions, Halloween quiz packs, Halloween picture quiz rounds

Our websites

Besides http://www.instant-quizzes.co.uk we also have a number of other websites;

http://quiz-creator.instantquizzes.co.uk/ – Create your own pub quiz – pick your own questions, change the questions you don’t like and add a picture round.

http://www.quiz-game.co.uk/ – Play free multiple choice quiz games online and see how our multiple choice quiz question database works in practice on an online pub quiz game

http://www.pub-quiz-questions.com – A basic pub quiz questions website that includes free samples of some of our pub quizzes for you to try before you buy

http://www.pub-quiz-questions.co.uk/ – Pub Quiz Questions – essentially a mirror site of our main website – you will need a different login for this site

http://www.christmas-quiz.com – This details all of our Christmas Quiz questions, Christmas Quiz Packs and Christmas Picture quiz rounds for your Xmas quiz night

http://www.halloween-quiz.co.uk – Looking for a spooky quiz for Halloween? This is the place with Halloween quiz questions, Halloween picture quiz rounds and loads of Halloween trivia

http://www.pub-quiz.com – Pub Quiz Guide – Fina a pub quiz online, add your pub quiz to our database free of charge and advertise your pub quiz for free

http://www.freequizzes.co.uk – Our original website – details all of our quizzes and includes some free pub quiz samples and free picture quizzes – we feel too nostalgic to delete it!

http://www.picture-quiz.co.uk – A website that showcases our picture quiz rounds and our table quizzes