Quizzly Friday is Here

The best of this week’s subject rounds packed into 3 great quiz packs! 

Each quiz pack has 6 rounds, including a current affairs round and a general knowledge wipeout round in all!

Quiz Night 

  • In the News
  • Night Clothing
  • Quick Fire Round – Over 50
  • Alphabetical Order
  • Connections
  • General Wipeout Round

Quiz of the Week 1 

  • In the News
  • Pop Music
  • Sleep
  • Disney villains
  • Connections
  • General Wipeout

Quiz of the Week 2

  • In the News
  • Toilets
  • Racecourses
  • Computer Games
  • 2011
  • General Wipeout

And don’t forget the news rounds from these packs can be purchased separately! 

CA846 – Quizzes of the Week

From 2018 Champion’s League to James Bond Films

CA847 – Quiz Night

from UK Clothing to DIY Chain Stores

Want to add a splash of colour? Add a picture quiz!

10 pictures – £1.50

20 pictures – £3.00

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