This Week’s Newest Quizzes

Quizzers get ready – our new weekly quizzes are here!

Want to keep your quiz teams on their toes? Then pick up our Quiz Night pack! For just £4.00 you’ll get 6 subject rounds consisting of 10 questions, designed to last about 90 minutes. This week’s rounds include:

  • Current Affairs,
  • Fairs
  • Fictional Addresses (A Quickfire Round)
  • Mixed Bag
  • A Connections Round
  • General Knowledge.

Or do you prefer a simpler way? Then a Quiz of the Week is for you and, being the generous people we are, we have two to choose from:

Quiz of the Week 1:

  • Current Affairs
  • Films
  • Proverbs (A Quickfire Round) 
  • Magazines 
  • Chiefs 
  • General Knowledge/Wipeout Round

Quiz of the Week 2:

  • Current Affairs
  • Smell
  • Organs
  • Beastly Lyrics (A Quickfire Round) 
  • Apes and Monkeys
  • Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round

Click here to see all our weekly quiz packs!

You can also buy the two Current Affairs rounds from Quiz Night and the Quizzes of the Week separately for £1. Grab a Current Affairs quiz now!

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