Fresh Weekly Quiz Packs!

It’s Bank Holiday Weekend and what better time for a quiz?

At weekly quizzes we’ve got three brand new packs for your quiz night:

1. Quiz Night – our most challenging weekly quiz. Great for regular boffins and holders of useless facts. This week featuring:

Current Affairs, Submarines, Quickfire Round – Pop Groups, Ash, Connections and General Knowledge.

2. Quiz of the Week 1 – a great all-rounder

Current Affairs, Films, Pop Music, Science and Nature, Geography and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round.

3. Quiz of the Week 2 – Perfect for quiz night newbies

Current Affairs, Food and Drink, History, Yorkshire, British Passport, Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round

All our weekly quizzes include answer sheets for teams, a points sheet and a quiz night poster and are available to download INSTANTLY! All for just £4.

You can also buy the current affairs round from the Quiz of the Weeks separately for £1 to keep your usual quiz up to date.

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