T.G.I.F. – The Weekly Quizzes Are Here!

Our downloadable weekly quiz packs are a steal at £4 each but did you know that you could get them even cheaper? 🤣

Pre-pay monthly for your quizzes and save £3.50! You’ll get the quiz every Thursday, no need to stress again!
Click here to find out more: http://www.instant-quizzes.co.uk/pre-paid-quizzes.html

This week in our weekly quizzes:

📣*Quiz Night*:
Current Affairs, Suffragettes, Quickfire Round – Women, Alphabetical Order, Connections and General Knowledge. (NB: The Current Affairs round in this pack is completely unique and can’t be bought elsewhere on this site)

📣*Quiz of the Week 1*:
Current Affairs, Execution, Fashion Designers, The ‘Ex’ Factor, Connections and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round.

📣*Quiz of the Week 2*:
Current Affairs, Legs, Blockbusters, Liz, Food and Drink and General Knowledge.

📣*Current Affairs*:
Testing teams on recent events – from Airlines to Credit Card Companies

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