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On this site, just click the links on the menu bar to browse through the various pub quiz types we have on offer – in every section you’ll find a free quiz round – download for free to use in your pub quiz night – if you like it then perhaps you’ll be back for more.

Choose from pub quiz questions and answers, complete pub quiz packs, picture quiz rounds, quiz night packs or daily quizzes.

Need something different? – How about a quiz bingo night,Family Fortunes style pub quiz, multiple choice quiz or table quiz to handout.

Have you got your pub quiz ready? – Try a new round one with a Who Am I quiz, mix it up a bit with a Connections quiz or make sure any team can win with a Wipeout quiz round.

Just click the links for each type of quiz – all with free samples

If you’re here looking for fundraising ideas – try football scratchcards (we also have rugby, cricket, golf, horse racing and hockey) – also known as bus stop tickets these are an easy way to raise money for your team, club or charity

Some Quick Links to our main website
(All pub quizzes instantly available from your receipt or your customer login)

Quiz Databases – Multiple choice quiz databases in MS Excel format – designed for small online quiz games or phone application

Quizzes sent by post – Complete pub quiz packs posted to you – all you need to do is run the quiz

Quiz Night – the weekly pub quiz pack – our most popular quiz – £4 per week

Daily Quiz – A different pub quiz pack for every day of the year – £4 per quiz

Bumper Quiz Pack – 10 round pub quiz with 20 picture round – £8.50 per quiz

Quiz Pack – 5 round pub quiz with 10 picture round – £5.50 per quiz

Picture Quizzes – 20 picture quiz round – fully copyright cleared – £3 per quiz

Mini Picture Quizes – 10 picture quiz round – fully copyright cleared – £2 per quiz

Handout Quizzes – No quizmaster required quizzes – one sheet per quiz – £3 per quiz

Trivia quiz rounds – Sets of 10 trivia quiz questions loads of different subjects – £1 per quiz

General Knowledge quizzes – Mixed bag quiz packs sets of 50 questions – £3 per quiz

Current Affairs quizzes – Sets of 10 current affairs quiz questions – £1 per quiz

On This Day quizzes – What happened on this day in history quiz – £1 per quiz

Who Am I Quiz – Name the mystery person quiz – 10 clues – £1 per quiz

Connections quiz – Spot the connection between 9 answers quiz – £1 per quiz

Wipeout Quiz – Ideal last round of a pub quiz night – £1 per quiz

Battle of the Sexes quiz – A Mr and Mrs TV show style quiz pack – £3.50 per quiz

Pop Music Quiz Packs – 50 mixed pop music quiz questions – £3.50 per quiz

Sport Quiz Packs – 50 mixed sport quiz questions – £3.50 per quiz

Family Quizzes – Packs of 50 easier quiz questions for family or pub quizzes – £3.50 per quiz

Bingo Quiz Packs – Bingo, quizgo, quingo – the fun quiz night where anyone can win – £3.50 per quiz

Quiz Fortunes – Our Family Fortunes style quiz where Our Survey Said….. – £3.50 per quiz

Multiple Choice Pub Quiz – Our Who Wants To Be A Millionaire style quiz pack – £3.50 per quiz

Seasonal quizzes – Our seasonal quiz pack selection – Burns Night quiz,quiz of the year,quiz review,Christmas quiz,Australia Day quiz,Chinese New Year quiz,Valentine quiz,Saint Valentine’s Day quiz,Saint David’s Day quiz,Oscars quiz,Cruft’s quiz,Saint Patrick’s Day quiz,Mother’s Day quiz,Saint George’s Day quiz,Easter quiz,Eurovision Song Contest quiz,Father’s Day quiz,Independence Day quiz,Wimbledon tennis quiz,Bastille Day quiz,World Cup quiz,James Bond quiz,Christmas quiz,Saint Andrew’s Day quiz,Christmas quiz pack,Christmas pub quiz,Christmas quizzes,Bonfire night quiz,5th November quiz

Fundraising scratchcards – Football team scratchcards for your pub or club team – £3 for 10 or £10 for 50

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